How to balance DEVEX and CAPEX to realize lowest LCoE?

We provide following expertise to energy asset developers:

Performance Modeling

  • O&M strategy definition
  • Operational landscape assumptions specification and benchmarking
  • O&M improvement management

Operational Readiness

  • Operational readiness planning and prioritization
  • Operations & maintenance scope of work definition
  • Operations & maintenance employer requirements

Recent delivered projects: 

Offshore Wind project developer

(Interim) Operations & Maintenance development,

WTG & BoP performance assumption specification, required to adopt O&M modelling

O&M strategy development and selection, based on project specifics, using professional O&M simulation tooling,

Assessment and comparison of commercial offers of WTG & BoP O&M suppliers, 

Detailed O&M risk modeling, assessing all O&M phases,

WTG & BoP (service) contract negotiating and contracting.

Offshore Substation Developer

Functional component breakdown structure of Offshore Substation, based on RDS-PP.

Offshore wind farm owner, with inhouse asset management organisation.

Optimization of project performance, by optimizing assumptions on available technicians, logistics strategy and energy yield.

OPEX forecast for offshore windfarm operation

Delivering assumptions to financial controller, preparing the business case of the asset management organisation.

Independent offshore wind operations service provider

Definition of an organisation that provides localized power plant management services to Taiwan offshore wind industry.