Case Study Workshops - Offshore Wind Asset Management

ENERGY Asset Management offers, in collaboration with independent knowledge partners, 2-day case study workshops. These workshops enable participants to gather further experience with the implementation of the templates as offered during the masterclasses. In depth discussions and interaction can take place with our experienced ENERGY Asset Managers, experts from knowledge partners as well as with other participants.

Following 2-day case study workshops are available:

  1. Case Study Workshop - Optimizing O&M
  2. Case Study Workshop - O&M Planning & Preparation
  3. Case Study Workshop - Building and Refining your offshore windfarm assessment checklist

Open case study workshops are scheduled throughout the year. As soon as the minimum amount of subscriptions is reached, dates for the workshops are scheduled, using the availability options of each participant.

Case study workshop can also be offered as inhouse workshop, within the premises of participators' choice.